The Smolyan Lakes are located along the valley of the Cherna River, which is located in southern Bulgaria near the town of Smolyan. Many years ago there were over twenty in number. Unfortunately, now there are eight left, seven of which are natural, and one of them (Keryanov gyol) has been converted into a micro-dam. The rest have been converted into fishponds.

They represent a fairy-tale corner near the city of Smolyan, where many of the city's residents and tourists find salvation and coolness during the summer heat. The nature is wonderful with good camping and fishing opportunities. The three highest and, of course, the most beautiful lakes are included in the Three Smolyan Lakes Eco-Trail, which are located along the high Orpheus Rocks.

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Grassy Lake

Grassy Lake

For all nature lovers, there is a lift from here to Snezhanka peak. Whoever has the desire can reach the top thanks to it. If you have followed the marked eco-trail, the first of the three lakes, Trevistoto Ezero, which is part of the eco-trail, should fall on your left. A wonderful place to camp and relax with friends. The view of the lake is indescribable, which will enchant you and leave unforgettable memories of your vacation. There is also a small temple called "Holy Spirit" in this place. On weekends and especially on major holidays, it is open and welcomes all believers.

The clear lake

The clear lake

If you continue your walk up the Ecopath, you will reach Bistroto Ezero. First of all, you will be captivated by the crystal clear blue-green water. Did you know that one can look around in it? The two lakes are connected to each other by a thin river arm. Under the lake itself, about 200 meters away, you will find a small spring, about which there is an interesting legend: "A shepherd lost his flock of sheep in the lake, which sank irretrievably, despite his attempts to save them. Angry, he threw his gag into the lake and left. After some time, in the village of Bostina, people accidentally found the shepherd's gag in the waters of the river passing through there. Everyone was really taken aback, since the distance between the lake and the river is several kilometers. Many traditions and legends about the Smolyan lakes started from here. Later, an experiment was made with colored paint, which was poured into the uppermost lakes and after a few days appeared at the tepavitsa in the village of Bostina. The lakes in the surrounding area were found to be connected to each other.

Muddy Lake

Muddy Lake

Taking the path along the Clear Lake, you will reach the Third Lake - Mutnoto. It's a few hundred meters from here. You should keep in mind that the trail is a bit steeper in places, but within normal limits. Your attention will be drawn by signs pointing to the "Throne of Eurydice" and the "Lyre of Orpheus". These are trees whose stems and branches are so intertwined that they form something like a throne. And if you have imagination, you can clearly distinguish the musical instrument lyre. Very soon you will discover a mystical and mysterious place hidden in the forest itself. A place where you can enjoy peace, quiet and even light. You will be greeted by the Centennial Spruces, which proudly look around in the murky waters of the lake.

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